TBA Council Announces New Members

TBA Council Announces New Members

The Council of the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association of SA, is very pleased to announce that Vaughan Koster and Craig Kieswetter have been co-opted as additional members of Council.

Both men have accepted the positions on the Council and join Lee Scribante (Chair), Eugene Freeman (Vice-Chair), Marc Greene, Warwick Render and Rennie Price in administering the affairs of the Association.


Vaughan is well known through the breeding successes of his family’s Cheveley Stud and has been integral in the groom’s transformation and training programme of the Cape Breeders’ Club.

Craig, has been very involved in the rebranding of Highlands Stud as Ridgemont-Highlands, bringing a fresh edge to the well-known and very successful Highlands Farm.

The Chairman said: “The Council would like to thank Craig and Vaughan for coming on board to serve the industry, and we look forward to their involvement in, and contribution to, the running of the Association on behalf of all breeders.”

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