Vodacom Durban July Theme Announced

The stars of Africa they shine at night,
Lighting the skies so mystically bright.
They sparkle on throughout the day,
Showing themselves in a different way.

Down to earth it’s the theatre so green,
Which horse you fancy, maybe a dream.
The adrenaline rush is what it’s all about,
Your choice to win? Shout! Let it all out.

Homegrown couture enriches the show,
Dressed up a constellation in order to glow.
Dressed down a dash for those in the game,
Smart and comfortable, for them “Hall of Fame”.

Celebrate culture with modern zest,
Tradition and colour stand out from the rest.
All different, they dazzle different too,
Cosmic energy engines – which one be you?

From Cape to Cairo, from Dakar to Durban,
From country lanes to streets suburban.
Like bubbles in fine sparkling wine,
It’s the Stars of Africa that shine.

The Vodacom Durban July
Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event

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