Strong South African Presence For Dubai World Cup Carnival

Al Sahem pictured at Greyville during Champions Season 2017. Image: Candiese Marnewick

The major influence from South Africa on the Carnival will, as often is the case, come from the yard of Mike de Kock. His twelve strong string includes 2017 Gr1 South African Derby winner Al Sahem, Gr1 winning warrior Sanshaawes and Gr1 winning 2017 Gr2  Zabeel Mile runner-up Noah From Goa.

The list features 132 accepted horses with the intention to ship from 15 countries, including 14 Gr1 winners from many points of the globe.

Several international stars are set to travel to Dubai this winter to compete for a share of the US$10,870,000 prize money across 10 race cards, 61 Thoroughbred races and 4 Group Purebred Arabian races held prior to the Dubai World Cup card on March 31, 2018.

Brett Crawford will represent South Africa with a single entry, the Australian-bred Gr1 Sun Met winner, Whisky Baron.

*South African-breds competing in Bold below


Trainer Country Horse Sex YOB
Baker, Bjorn Australia Music Magnate (NZ) G 2011
Hayes, David Australia Faatinah (AUS) G 2012
Hayes, David Australia Mutamayel (AUS) G 2014
Hayes, David Australia Shaf (AUS) G 2011
Kent, Michael Australia Supido (AUS) C 2011
Kent, Michael Australia Wyndspelle (NZ) C 2013
Al Dailami, Hussain Bahrain The Grape Escape (IRE) C 2014
Al Abed, Bader Bahrain Fils Anges (IRE) C 2010
Al Abed, Bader Bahrain Hototo (GB) G 2010
Al Abed, Bader Bahrain Predilection (USA) C 2013
Al Abed, Bader Bahrain Roi De Vitesse (IRE) C 2007
Nass, Fawzi Bahrain El Chapo (GB) G 2015
Nass, Fawzi Bahrain Jordan Sport (GB) G 2013
Nass, Fawzi Bahrain Krypton Factor (GB) G 2008
Nass, Fawzi Bahrain Los Barbados (IRE) G 2012
Ramadhan, Jaber Bahrain Dutch Masterpiece (GB) G 2010
Ramadhan, Jaber Bahrain GM Hopkins (GB) G 2011
Ramadhan, Jaber Bahrain Proposed (GB) C 2012
Olsen, Bent Denmark Efesos (DEN) C 2013
Olsen, Bent Denmark Jubilance (IRE) G 2009
Olsen, Bent Denmark Queen Estoril (IRE) F 2015
Brandt, Pia France Called To The Bar (IRE) G 2014
Brandt, Pia France In The Lope (IRE) G 2014
Caullery, Nicolas France Golden Wood (FR) G 2010
De Royer Dupre, Alain France Canndera (FR) F 2014
De Royer Dupre, Alain France Vazirbad (FR) G 2012
Fabre, Andre France Cloth Of Stars (IRE) C 2013
Fabre, Andre France Franz Schubert (GB) C 2014
Fabre, Andre France Rosa Imperial (IRE) F 2013
Fabre, Andre France Talismanic (GB) C 2013
Fabre, Andre France Trais Fluors (GB) C 2014
Rulec, Miroslav Germany Mata Utu (IRE) G 2011
Schiergen, Peter Germany Ross (IRE) C 2012
Woehler, Andreas Germany Va Bank (IRE) C 2012
Bunyan, Darren Ireland Hit The Bid (GB) C 2014
Halford, Michael Ireland Rehana (IRE) F 2014
Halford, Michael Ireland Riyazan (IRE) C 2015
Marnane, David Ireland Freescape (GB) G 2015
Marnane, David Ireland Havana Go (GB) C 2015
Takahashi, Yoshitada Japan Dios Corrida  (JPN) C 2014
Al Mandeel, Nawaf KSA Footbridge (GB) C 2013
Petersen Niels Norway Icecapada (IRE) F 2012
Petersen Niels Norway Mikklus Makklus (SWE) G 2014
Petersen Niels Norway Nordic Defense (FR) C 2015
Petersen Niels Norway Our Last Summer (IRE) C 2013
Petersen Niels Norway Silver Ocean (USA) G 2008
Petersen Niels Norway Spitzbergen (FR) G 2014
Petersen Niels Norway Tertian (SWE) G 2012
Petersen Niels Norway Tinnitus (IRE) G 2013
Petersen Niels Norway Trouble Of Course (FR) G 2014
Petersen Niels Norway Two Shots Of Happy (IRE) F 2015
Petersen Niels Norway Viscount Barfield (IRE) G 2013
Brown, Cliff Singapore Gilt Complex (NZ) G 2011
Brown, Cliff Singapore Sir Isaac (AUS) G 2013
Gray, Stephen Singapore Bahana (NZ) G 2011
Gray, Stephen Singapore Newlands (AUS) G 2011
Crawford, Brett South Africa Whisky Baron (AUS) G 2012
de Kock, Mike South Africa Al Sahem (SAF) C 2013
de Kock, Mike South Africa Belle Rose (SAF) F 2013
de Kock, Mike South Africa Bold Rex (SAF) G 2014
de Kock, Mike South Africa Dream Dubai (GB) G 2013
de Kock, Mike South Africa Icy Trail (SAF) G 2012
de Kock, Mike South Africa Janoobi (SAF) C 2013
de Kock, Mike South Africa Light The Lights (SAF) G 2011
de Kock, Mike South Africa Liquid Mercury (SAF) G 2011
de Kock, Mike South Africa Noah From Goa (SAF) G 2012
de Kock, Mike South Africa Sanshaawes (SAF) G 2009
de Kock, Mike South Africa Smiling Blue Eyes (SAF) F 2013
de Kock, Mike South Africa Suyoof (AUS) G 2012
Castro, Francisco Sweden Land’s End (DEN) C 2012
Castro, Francisco Sweden Only Bacan (CHI) C 2013
Charpy, Erwan UAE El Rey Brillante (CHI) C 2014
Charpy, Erwan UAE Furia Cruzada (CHI) F 2011
Charpy, Erwan UAE Silver Look (ARG) F 2013
Watson, Douglas UAE Blue Laureate (GB) G 2015
Watson, Douglas UAE El Loco (GER) C 2013
Watson, Douglas UAE Kimbear (USA) C 2014
Watson, Douglas UAE Picture No Sound (IRE) C 2015
Appleby, Michael UK Danzeno (GB) G 2011
Botti, Marco UK Red Label (IRE) C 2014
Burke, Karl UK Born To Be Alive (IRE) G 2014
Burke, Karl UK Line House (GB) F 2015
Burke, Karl UK London Protocol (FR) G 2013
Channon, Mick UK Opal Tiara (IRE) F 2013
Coakley, Denis UK Hors de Combat (GB) G 2011
Cowell, Robert UK Encore D’Or (GB) G 2012
Cox, Clive UK Khalidi (GB) C 2014
Cox, Clive UK Tis Marvellous (GB) G 2014
Crisford, Simon UK Dark Liberty (IRE) F 2015
Crisford, Simon UK Rodaini (USA) G 2014
Dunlop, Harry UK Robin Of Navan (FR) C 2013
Fahey, Richard UK Another Touch (GB) G 2013
Fellowes, Charlie UK Prince Of Arran (GB) G 2013
Griffiths, David UK Duke Of Firenze (GB) G 2009
Haggas, William UK Dal Harraild (GB) G 2013
Haggas, William UK Mubtasim (IRE) G 2014
Hannon, Richard UK Danehill Kodiac (IRE) C 2013
Hannon, Richard UK George William (GB) G 2013
Hannon, Richard UK Khafoo Shememi (IRE) C 2014
Hannon, Richard UK Oh This Is Us (IRE) C 2013
Hannon, Richard UK Tangled (IRE) C 2015
Hannon, Richard UK Tupi (IRE) G 2012
Hannon, Richard UK Across The Stars G 2013
Hills, Charles UK Jallota (GB) G 2011
Midgley, Paul UK Final Venture (GB) G 2012
Midgley, Paul UK Line Of Reason (IRE) G 2010
Noseda, Jeremy UK Gronkowski (USA) C 2015
Noseda, Jeremy UK Keystroke (GB) C 2012
O’Meara, David UK Out Do (GB) G 2009
O’Meara, David UK Primero (FR) G 2013
O’Meara, David UK Salateen (GB) C 2012
Osborne, James UK Cliffs Of Capri (GB) G 2014
Osborne, James UK Qassem (IRE) G 2013
Osborne, James UK Raising Sand (GB) G 2012
Osborne, James UK Reckless Endeavour (IRE) G 2013
Palmer, Hugo UK Thunderbolt Rocks (GB) C 2015
Powell, Brendan UK De Bruyne Horse (GB) C 2015
Ryan, John UK Roland Rocks (IRE) C 2015
Simcock, David UK Arod (IRE) C 2011
Simcock, David UK Desert Encounter (IRE) G 2012
Simcock, David UK Intern (IRE) G 2014
Simcock, David UK Lightning Spear (GB) C 2011
Simcock, David UK Majeed (GB) G 2010
Simcock, David UK Mr Owen (USA) C 2012
Simcock, David UK Polybius (GB) G 2011
Simcock, David UK Sheikhzayedroad (GB) G 2009
Simcock, David UK Singyoursong (IRE) F 2013
Varian, Roger UK Barsanti (IRE) G 2012
Varian, Roger UK Cape Byron (GB) C 2014
Varian, Roger UK Connecticut (GB) G 2011
Watson, Archie UK Absolute Blast (IRE) F 2012
Williams, Ian UK Sir Maximilian (IRE) G 2009


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